Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I see its been a year since my last post.  Teaching took all the steam out of blogging this year.  Demanding job.  However I am still taking photos and observing the natural world so I'll still try and share since the summer is my time for regrouping and doing things I don't get to do when I am very busy.

I saw an adolescent white tailed deer on my lawn yesterday at about 3 pm in the afternoon.  Smack dab in full view in the middle of my lawn in the daylight.  It looks kind of gaunt, you could see ribs.  I don't know if it was under fed or not but it's very likely there is over population in the deer community due to the mild winter etc.  You would think the deer would be well fee unless this young one was experiencing disease. 
I see a lot of deer in broad daylight these days.  Although I live on a somewhat rural road it's still busy enough for the deer to be hiding.  This deer was too young to be one of the twins that visited us last summer. 
Have you also seen a lot of deer especially in the daylight in full view this year?

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  1. Welcome back! I look forward to more of your for deer...I usually see evidence of their having visited my garden with chewed off leaves and buds. Maybe it's the resident dogs that keep the deer visits to evenings.